I am a plant pathologist and have worked on plant diseases affecting many crops including pastures, legumes, and oilseeds as well as native ecosystems and plantations. I have also worked in plant tissue culture and plant breeding, specifically in the production of doubled haploids and molecular marker-assisted breeding. My current research interests are plant pathology in the context of plant biosecurity. I have been investigating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and spore traps for early detection of fungal spores of exotic plant pathogens, and the use of hyperspectral imaging for detection of plant diseases. I am also interested in plant pathogens that could pose a threat to crops grown under irrigated agriculture and horticulture. My current interests are plant pathogens on postharvest grains, fruits and vegetables, and whether they pose a threat to our food production systems. I also collaborate with social scientists to explore issues around the interconnections between science and consumers.